I’ve been on this trail before (a poem)

I’ve been on this trail before,


with small, grumbling children –

hungry, tired –

but that’s not what we remember now:

we remember the snake,

the hawk circling overhead,

the bridge across the wide river,


And now,

the wheels of this borrowed bike

rattling in the worn grooves of earth,

children speeding ahead,

the goldenrod and asters,

the sumac leaves turning,

the apples fallen on the path,

the sun and shade,

and the darkness of the forest

lurking at my eye’s corners.

My heart is full, bursting

with the lure of the tall trees,

the valleys and shadows


with mysteries at the edge of sight.

I could slip off, wander deep,

lose myself here

for a while.

But today I stay,

on this well-trod path,

keeping pace,

keeping my word,

savouring the joy

of this small adventure,

and how much grace is granted to me

in every moment

of this blessed life.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been on this trail before (a poem)

  1. Hi Malgosia, Beautiful poem:) T

    Tamara Anderson

    “We began as a mineral. We emerged into plant life and into the animal states, and then into being human, and always we have forgotten our former states, except in early spring when we slightly recall being green again.”

    — Rumi, The Dream That Must Be Interpreted

    Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2015 01:32:45 +0000 To: frogforest@hotmail.com

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