Distraction: words in brief

Everything I love sometimes seems a distraction from something else I’m equally devoted to, each passion wanting all of my time, clamoring for my singular attention. Instead of following one path with focus, I climb between the spokes of a wheel, or the threads of a spider web, moving with great enthusiasm for a while in one direction, then ditching it and jumping spokes towards something else. An equally multi-passionate friend drew a diagram of this for me once. “You may not go as far on any of these paths as someone more singularly focused,” she said, “but you will keep coming back. Your path is like a spiral. And look at these connection points; look at the bridges you are building; look at the web you are weaving here.”

From 100 Words: The Beauty of Brevity. Word prompt: “distraction.” 

I’ve committed to the full 100 days of writing prompts this time around, so there will be many more very brief pieces posted her over the next few months. I plan to share a lot of them here, but I won’t repost every piece. There are some I want to hold close or put aside for a while.

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